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Alexander Oligerov

Painting, drawing


Alexander Oligerov was born in 1965 in Kazakhstan. In 1985 he graduated from Donetsk State Art College, Monumental Painting Faculty. In 1993 he graduated from the Art faculty of Russian State Pedagogical University in St.Petersburg. Since 1988 he participates in group and personal exhibitions in Russia and abroad. Since 1993 he is a member of International Federation of Artists (Unesco). Since 2000 he is a member of Russian Artists’ Union. He teaches painting at Novgorod State University.
In 2004 at the International Festival of Arts “Master-class” in St.-Petersburg Alexandr Oligerov won the first prize in “The Best painting” nomination.
In 2006 he was awarded the silver medal by Russian State Academy of Arts during the exhibition dedicated to the 250’s anniversary of Russian State Academy of Arts.
In 2011 (Year of Russia in Italy) at the international web-competition of arts “Made in Russia” (it was organized by Milan’s gallery “Open Art Milano”) Alexandr Oligerov has won the first prize and has showed his exhibition in Milan.
In 2016 year at the biggest international competition of arts in Asia “Art Revolution Taipei” Alexandr Oligerov has won the Grand prize and Prize of Chairman of Jury (all prizes of the competition).,
In 2018 – Gold medal of Russian Union of Artists.

Oligerov’s pictures are in a collections of the State Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts (Moscow); of the Museum of Nonconformist’s Art of Art-center “Pushkinskaya 10” (St. Petersburg); of the State regional Pskov’s Museum of Art; of the State regional Novgorod’s Museum of Art, of the State regional Murmansk’s Museum of Art.
In private collections, greatest of which is the collection of vice-president of corporation “Samsung ” Mr. Li Gil Han (more than 42 pictures).
Solo exhibitions were in Moscow, Paris, Beijing, St. Petersburg, Helsinki, Friedrichstadt, Geneva, Nanterre, Bielefeld, Strasbourg, Lappeenranta, Taipei, Novgorod and Pskov.

Selected solo exhibitions

1997-99 – “Stallen Gallery”, Fredrikstad, Norway
2000 – “Krosna” Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2001 – Solo show at the University of Strasbourg, France
2002 – Solo show at the Exhibition Hall of the Science and Culture Russian Center of (RCSC), Helsinki, Finland
“Paradise” Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2003 – “EXPO 88” Gallery, Moscow, Russia
2007 – “ВВК” Gallery, Bielefeld, Germany
2008-09 – “Gavart Gallery”, Paris, France
2009 – Solo show at the International Film Festival “The Sea Calls”, St. Petersburg, Russia
2010 – Hotel “Ritz Carlton”, Moscow, Russia
Solo show at Krouvi exhibition halls in Lappeenranta, Finland
“Villa des tourelles” Gallery, Nanterre, France
2012 – Museum of Non-Conformist Art, Art Centre “Pushkinskaya 10”, St. Petersburg, Russia
2012 — «Nest Pop-up gallery», Geneva, Switzerland;
2013 — “Al gallery”, St. Petersburg
2014 — East meets west Gallery, Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow
2015 — “My birds”, Exhibition hall of Union of Moscow artists, Moscow;
2016 — “38 steps to the White”, “Master Gallery”, St. Petersburg
2016 — “Color dreams”, St.Petersburg Museum of Contemporary Art “Erarta”, St. Petersburg
2016 — “Art Zone 798”, Zoya Art Gallery, Beijing, China

Selected group exhibitions

1994 – Group show at the Auction of Russian Artists in “Pyramid Art Centre”, Rochester, the USA
1998-2000 – Participant in the International Festival Master-class in Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Participant in the International “Art Saloon” in Moscow, Russia
2000 – Grand Hotel “Europe”, St. Petersburg, Russia
2007 – International Art-Fair “Five Continents Artists Meeting”, “Atelier Grognard Rueil Malmaison”, France
2008 – International exhibition at “Graifswald Centre of Art”, Germany
International exhibition “Art-Ladies”, Los-Angeles, the USA
2008-2009 – International exhibition “Building Bridges”, Mexico (Ensenada, Mexicali, Tikhuana), USA (San-Francisco, Los-Angeles)
2011 – International exhibition “Made in Russia”, Milan, Italy
Participant in the First International Ecological Art Project “Organica”. “The East Meets West Gallery” at “Na Solyanke” Gallery , Moscow, Russia
2012 – Participant in the Second International Ecological Art Project “The Power of Water”. “The East Meets West Gallery” at Polytechnical Museum, Moscow, Russia
2012 – Participant in the Second International Ecological Art Project “The Power of Water”. “The East Meets West Gallery” at Polytechnical Museum, Moscow, Russia
2013 — «Artistes Sentinelles»;International exhibition of Paris Union of artists “Les Seize Anges” Paris, France
2016 — International art fair«Art Revolution Taipei» Trade center«101»Taipei (Taiwan)
2018 – «Vibrations of the Earth», East Meets West Gallery, Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow