East meets west gallery

Gennady Troshkov

Painting, drawing, sculpture


Gennady Troshkov (1947-2018) was born in Vulkaneshty, Moldavia. He graduated from the Krasnodar Art College in 1969.
Gennady became a member of the Union of Artists in 1989.
2003 – Award of the Margaret Klimek Phillips Fellowship. USA.

Solo exhibitions

1985 – Solo show. Paintings and graphics. Pushchino, Russia.
1988 – Solo show. Paintings, Graphics, Sculpture and Tapestry. Moscow. Russia.
1989 – Solo show. Graphics and Sculpture. Hagelstam Gallery. Helsinki, Finland.
1994 – Solo show. Paintings and Graphics, Sculpture. “MARS” Gallery. Moscow. Russia.
1994 – Solo show. Paintings and Sculpture. Kishwaukee Art Gallery, the USA.
1995 – Solo show. Paintings, Graphics and Sculpture. Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1996 – Solo show. Paintings. “Lumina Gallery”, New York, the USA.
2000 – Solo show. Paintings, Graphics and Sculpture. “Sergey Popov Gallery”,
Berlin, Germany.
2006 – Solo show. Painting, Graphics and Sculpture. “Red Bridge” Gallery, Vologda, Russia.
2013 – «Metaphysical Technologism», East Meets West Gallery, The All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts, Moscow.

Selected International and Russian Exhibitions

1977 – “Youth of the Country”. Bulgaria, Romania, Finland.
1977 – II International Quadrangle of Small Form of Graphics. Banska Bystritsa.
1977 – “Etching and Book”. Exhibition of nine artists, Moscow.
1978 – “Figure -2”. Leipzig, Germany. 1979 “Russian Landscape”, Paris, France.
1980 – IX Biennale of Book Graphics. Brno, Czechoslovakia.
1981 – Biennale of Small forms of Graphics, Lodz, Poland.
1982 – V European Biennale of Engraving, Muluz, France.
1982 – Exhibition of the New Works. Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow.
1983 – Exhibition of the HIPO-Bank Collection. Salzburg. Austria.
1984 – ART-EXPO. Chicago, USA.
1984 – INTERGRAPHICS. Berlin, Germany.
1985 – ART-EXPO. Montreal, Canada.
1987 – Soviet Graphics in Norway.
1988 – ART-EXPO, New York, USA
1988 – “Art Sovietika”, Helsinki, Finland.
1988 – “Labyrinth”, Moscow.
1989 – International Exhibition of Engraving, Paris, France.
1989 – “Diamex International” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Moscow.
1989 – “Labyrinth” Exhibition of Soviet Avant-garde, Hamburg, Amsterdam. 1997 MOSEXPO, Moscow.
2002 – Three Painters Exhibition of painting and sculpture . Commerce Bank “Eurasia”, Moscow. 2003 International Frankfurt Book Fair, Germany.
2005 – The Moscow Graphics Exhibition, Russia.
2007 – Painting Exhibition of Gennadiy Troshkov and Hadji-Murad Alikhanov. System Gallery, Moscow.
2012 – International ecological art-project “The Power of Water”, East Meets West Gallery. Polytechnical Museum, Moscow.
2012 – «Metaphysics in Art», on the 80th anniversary of the Moscow Union of Artists. Moscow House of Artists, Moscow.
2013 – «Born to fly… and crawl». State Russian museum, Saint Petersburg.
2013 – «Useless Beauty», Exhibition of Abstract Art, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2013 – 7th The Moscow World Fine Art Fair. Expocentre, Moscow.
2016 – «Nude, Nudo, Nu, Desnudo 2». East Meets West Gallery. Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow.
2018 – “Improvisation on a Theme…” from the series “Music Is Everywhere”. East Meets West Gallery. Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow; “Variations on a Jazz Theme” from the series “Music Is Everywhere”. East Meets West Gallery. Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow


Selected Museum Collection

Gennady’s works are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, Pushkin State Museum of Fine, State Central Museum of Contemporary History of Russia, All-Russian Decorative Art Museum, as well as in various collections in Moscow, Perm, Magnitogorsk, Ufa, Solikamsk, Rostov, Austria, Germany, Finland, France, Uruguay, Brazil, Canada, the USA, etc.

Selected Corporation Collection

Hipo-Bank. Salzburg. Austria.
Stolytchny-Bank. Moscow.
Alfa-Bank. Moscow.
Wurt-Corporation. Germany.
Absolute Graphiks Inc. Chicago.
Balenciaga Collection. Paris. French.
Comers Bank. Germany. System Gallery. Moscow.