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Igor Snegur

Painting, drawing


Igor Snegur born in Moscow in 1935.
1960-64 – Studied in Moscow Polygraphic Institute, faculty of drawing.
1958-60 – Participant of the first exhibitions of abstract art in Moscow, E.Belutin’ Studio. Worked in cinema, also in theatre. Made posters. Illustrated many books. Igor Snegur is the founder of the famous group “20 Moscow Artists”. Annual exhibitions were held in Moscow since 1978 till 1988 on Malaya Gruzinskaya str., 28. I.Snegur is also the founder of the first private Gallery “Mars” 11.09. 1988, and the publisher of the magazine “Art-Panorama” in 1993.

Igor Snegur’ works are held in State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow; State Russian Museum, S. Petersbourg; in the museums of Jaroslavl, Kostroma, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Orel; in Costa-Rica Art Museum, San Jose; in International N. and T.Kolodzei Fund, in the collections of “Incombank”, “ASTEP” Association, “Capital-Moscow” bank, in A.Glezer’, Jack Amiel’, Metaxa’, Michael Kennedy’ collection; in other private collections of Japan, Greece, Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, USA and Latin America.

Solo exhibitions

1974 – House of Culture, Dubna city.
1987 – Exhibition on Malaya Gruzinskaya str., 28, Moscow.
1991 – “RUSS” Gallery, Helsinki, Finland; “Palama Hall’, University of Athens, Greece.
1994 – “Moscow Fine Art” Gallery, Moscow; “AUSTROY” Firm, Moscow.
1995 – Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1996 – “American Karnegy Fund” Centre. Moscow; “Moscow Fine Art” Gallery, Moscow.
1998 – “Moscow Fine Art” Gallery, Moscow.
1999 – “Zalman” Gallery, Manhatten, New-York, USA.
2000 – Russian Culture Fund held in the Hall of Exhibitions and Auctions, Moscow; “Moscow Fine Art” Gallery, Moscow.
2001 – “Moscow Fine Art” Gallery, Moscow.
2003 – “Crosna” Gallery, Moscow.
2004 – House of Cinema. “U Jara” Gallery, Moscow.
2005 – Art club “Vernisage”, Moscow; International Festival of Art in Magnitogorsk, Russia.
2009 – «From expressionism to abstraction 1959-2009». Gallery «Zurab», Moscow.
2010 – Art Studies Institute. Moscow.
2011 – «50 years of Creativity 1960-2010». Gallery «Na Chistykh Prudakh», Moscow.
2015 – Company «RNIN», Moscow.
2016 – Gallery «Open Club», Moscow.

Group exhibitions

1953-1954 – Exhibitions at Dr.Shamagin`s studio. Fili, Gorbunov`s club, Moscow.
1960 – All-Union Exhibition of Folk Art in “Manege” Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow.
1958-1962 – Exhibitions of E.Belutin` Studio, Moscow.
1972 – “Flat Exhibition” in artist V.Shorts` studio, Moscow.
1975 – First exhibition of Moscow avant-garde in the pavilion of “Bee-keeping”, VDNH, Moscow.
1978-1988 – 10 exhibitions of the group “20 Moscow Artists” on Malaya Gruzinskaya str., 28, Moscow.
1988 – Hotel “Belveder”, Limin-Khersonesos, Island Crete, Greece; “Moscow Artists”, Helsinki, Finland.
1992 – “Alternative Art”, The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
1993 – “Rusship” Gallery, Osnabruke, Germany.
1994 – “Le Chat” Gallery, Moscow.
1995 – A.Glezer’s collection in Pushkin’ State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow.
2001 – “Abstract Art of XX century” in State Russian Museum, S.-Petersburg.
2002 – “Thing as an Object” in Arts and Crafts Museum, Moscow.
2003 – “Anti-terror” in “Centaur” Gallery, Moscow.
2004 – “Neo-abstract art” in “A” Gallery, Moscow; First exhibition of Art Saloon “The Best Art Galleries”. “U Jara” Gallery, International Exhibition Centre Info-Space, Moscow; Moscow Galleries Union, Crocus-expo, Moscow; “30-th Anniversary of “Bulldozer” Exhibition”, art club “Vernisage”, “20+1”, Moscow; Second exhibition of Art Saloon “The Best Art Galleries”. “U Jara” Gallery, International Exhibition Centre Info-Space, Moscow.
2005 – “Igor Snegur’ Painting and Olga Pobedova’ Glass” in “Roslin” cultural centre, Moscow, “ART MIF”, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow. “Tais Art” Gallery.
2006 – “SUPREMADISM”. Russia – Hungary. Z.Tsereteli’ Museum of Modern Art, Moscow; Competitive Exhibition of International Art Fund in memory of the artist V.Popkov, House of Cinema, Moscow. Rewarded by Second Prize, Diploma and Medal; “Receptiolism. I.Snegur, V.Kopachev, A.Trifonov”, “A-3” Galley, Moscow; Christie’s South Kensington. Auction “Russian Icons and Pictures, Including works by Non-Conformist Artists”.
2006-2007 – Mac Dougall’s. “Russian Art Auction”; Christie’s South Kensington. Auction “Impressionist and Modern Art”; Annual “ART MIF”, Manege Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow. “Classica” Gallery.
2007 – “I.Snegur, V.Kopachev,A.Trifonov”, “A-3” Gallery, Moscow.
2008 – Exhibition-Fair of Graphic Arts «Watercolors, Pastels, Prints, Posters». «New Manege». Moscow.
2016 – «Nude, Nudo, Nu, Desnudo 2». East Meets West Gallery. Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow.