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Kriss Guenzati Dubini

Painting, drawing, sculpture


Her artistic sparkle comes from her father Carlo, architect and artist. She graduates in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, where she develops her passion for abstract painting and the human figure. In the first period of activity, she expresses a geometric and abstract language, realizing big-sized artworks, whose mein theme is the tension and the strength or the diagonal, which symbolizes the continuous flowing of life.
In the early ’80 the artist approaches figurative art, stimulated by the desire of expressing the strong feelings aroused through the observation of faces, considered alive and real subjects. She then starts an intense period of inner research which will have a strong impact on her artistic expression, and she gets interested in a closer examination of meditation and morphopsychology in order to have a deeper contact with the subjects of her artworks. Since that moment she has been focusing on portraits, depicting important personalities of the world of industry and culture, including: Mantero, Buccellsti, Mentasti, Trussardi, The Princes Ruffo di Calabria, The Counts Borromeo, Marzotto and Belgiojoso.
In 1991 her first big anthologic exhibition «Family Portraits» takes place at the Museum or Contemporary History in Milan, featuring a wide selection or her works with watercolors, oil, charcoal and acrylic. Such event launches her, commitment to portraying, which will lead her to the USA, where she comes in contact with Leo Castelli, who shows great appreciation for her works. Her work arouses great interest precisely for the relationship between the classical tradition of portraying and her introspective and contemporary style, where portraits become a means to celebrate the history of a family, fulfilling their need for «eternity».
Great relevance is given also to sculpture, form of art very appreciated by her father as well. Light is a leitmotiv in her art: our inner light connected with the cosmic light. Her constant spiritual research is highlighted in the feeling or harmony and strength conveyed both by her Women in bronze and by her latest abstract works in steel and bronze.
In recent times, Kriss has considerably been involved in the research of the relationship between the woman and her Goddesses/Archetypes: Minerva, Venus and the Yoga woman represent the strength, the femininity and the spirituality which every woman comes in contact and interacts with.
She currently lives and works in Milan.


1975 — Forte dei Marmi. Lucca, Italy
1977 — Interarte Gallery. Milano, Italy
1978 — Interarte Gallery. Genova, Italy
1991 — Museum of Contemporary History. Milan, Italy
1991 — Wilkie Gallery. Miami, USA
1993 — Norton Museum of Art. Palm Beach, USA
1996 — Villa Fai. Casalzuigno, Varese, Italy
1996 — Town Hall. Baden Baden, Germany
1997 — Voltaire. Bologna, Italy
2002 — Bugatti. Milan, Italy
2003 — Palazzo del Senato. Milan, Italy
2004 — UBI Bank. Milan, Italy
2006 — Galleria Sacerdoti. Milan, Italy
2008 — Artour. Florence, Italy
2008 — Capalbio. Grosseto, Italy
2009 — Artsport, Zuoz, Saint Moritz. Switzerland
2010 — Arte Fiera. Verona, Italy
2015 — Artrooms. London