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Тatyana Nazarenko

Painting, drawing


Tatiana Nazarenko was born in Moscow.
1955 – graduated from Moscow Secondary Art School attached to Surikov State Institute.
1968 – graduated from Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I. Surikov (tutors A.M. Gritzay, D.D. Zhilinskiy, V.I. Shilnikov).
1969 – member of the Artists’ Union of the USSR.
1969–1972 worked at the studio of the Academy of Arts of the USSR under G.M. Korzhev’s guidance.
1972 – awarded the prize named after Leninsky Komsomol (picture “The execution of the members of the revolutionary organization “Zemlya i Volya”).
1976 – awarded the first prize at the International Exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria.
1987 – awarded the Silver Medal by the Academy of Fine Arts of the USSR.
1988 – exhibition “Russian Art” at Ludwig Museum, Cologne and presentation at Sotheby’s, Moscow.
1993 – awarded the State Prize for the exhibition “Tatiana’s Day”, presentation at The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.
1998 – corresponding member of the Academy of Arts of Russia.
1999 – professor of Arts.
1999 – awarded by Moscow Government Prize.
2001 – acting member of the Russian Academy of Arts and a member of Presidium of the Russian Academy of Arts of Russia.
2003 – the Honoured Artist of Russia.
2004 – Golden Medal by the Russian Academy of Fine Arts.
2008 – awarded by the Prize “Triumph”.
2014 – People’s Artist of Russia.

Tatyana Nazarenko Paintings held in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, the State Russian Museum, St-Petersburg, the National Museum, “Women in Art” Washington, National Washington Jewish Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sofia, Budapest Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Beijing, Berlin, Bratislava, other museums in the world and Russia, in private collections in Germany, USA, Finland, Japan, France, Switzerland, England, Italy, Austria, Holland.

Selected solo exhibitions

1987 – Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art, Odessa, USSR.
Museum of Russian Art, Kiev, USSR.
Exhibition Hall of the Artists’ Union, Lviv, USSR.
Forum Leverkusen, Germany.
1988 – City Hall Bremen, Opernhaus Oldenburg, Germany.
1989 – The Central House of Artists, Moscow, USSR.
1992 – “Tatiana’s Day”. The State Tretyakov Gallery Moscow, Russia.
Gregory Gallery, Washington DC, USA.
1993 – Gregory Gallery, New York, USA.
Gallery “Atelier”, Moscow, Russia.
1996 – “Transition”. U-Bahn-Station Appellhoffplatz, Bonn; Hen Gallery Koln, Germany.
“Transition”. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
“Transition”. Palette Art Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
1997 – “Transition”. Lehman Gallery of New York University, USA.
“Transition”. U-Bahn-Station Haus der Ceschichte, Koln, Germany.
“Mon Paris”. The Obninsk History Museum, Obninsk, Russia.
“At Moskow table”. Marat Gelman Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
1998 – “Mauritius – millionaires’ paradise”. Central Exhibition Hall of Artists, Manege, Moscow, Russia.
“Transition”. The National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington, USA.
1999 – “Monument”. Manege, Moscow, Russia.
“Transition”, Moscow City Duma, Moscow, Russia.
“Transition: Moscow of mid-1990s”, Museum of History of Moscow, Russia.
“Transition”, Finlandia Hall, Helsinki, Finland.
2000 – “End of Millennium- Fall of an Empire”. The State Russian Center for Museums and Exhibitions, Moscow, Russia.
2001 – “Another life”. Photo gallery “Feniks”, Moscow, Russia.
2002 – “My Russia”. Patricia Evers Center for the Arts Pace, University New York, USA.
2002 – Museum “Fondo del Sol, Washington DC, USA.
“Tatiana ‘s Day”. Gallery “ART-21”, Moscow Russia.
“Oriental motives”. The State Museum of Oriental Art, Moscow, Russia.
2004 – “Fragments”. The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
“Vanishing time”. Gallery “Kvadrat”, St-Petersburg, Russia.
2006–2007 – “Vanishing reality”. The State Russian Museum, St-Petersburg, Russia.
2007 – “Oriental motives”. Gallery “Kvadrat”, St-Petersburg, Russia.
“Tatyana Nazarenko”, VOLGA Art Gallery Moscow, Russia.
2008 – “One summer day”. Gallery “Aydan”, Winzavod, Moscow, Russia.
“Vanishing reality”. The Vologda Picture Gallery, Vologda, Russia.
“Holidays”. VOLGA Art Gallery, Moscow? Russia.
2011 – “Family album”. Museum of Russian Art, Kiev; Odessa Literature Museum; Ryazan State Region Art Museum; Kirov Regional Art Museum, Russia; A. Gerzman Gallery, New-York, USA.
2012 – “Family Album”. KGallery, Moscow; National Museum of the Komi Rebublic; Syktyvkar; “Kvadrat” St. Petersburg; “The Open Club”. VERESOV Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
2013 – “He and She”. The Saint Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy named after Alexander von Stieglitz, Saint Petersburg, Russia.