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Between Heaven and Earth. Part I

VMDPNI / 16.03 – 16.04.2019

The director of the East Meets West Gallery Tatiana Paleeva (Chilingaryan) is proud to present the art project “Between Heaven and Earth” Part I, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the gallery. The exhibit will take place from May 16 to June 16, 2019 at the All-Russian Museum of Decorative Art.

Part I includes updated versions of two earlier projects: “Tibet: Infinity of Silence” (2012, Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow), an ethnic art exhibit focused on the interaction between Eastern and Western cultures, and the international environmental project “Power of Water” (2012, Polytechnic Museum, Moscow). In addition, we will present a new artistic and ethnographic theme, “The Call of Ancient Armenia” dedicated to the ancestral land of curator Tatyana Paleeva (Chilingaryan).
The participating artists for “Tibet: Infinity of Silence” are: Mikhail Molochnikov, Alena Telpukhovskaya, Sergey Filatov and travel photographer Sergey Shestakov.
The revived environmental art project “Power of Water” involves four artists: Vladimir Nasedkin (Russia) with his well-known installation “Architecture of Water, Metal and Stones”, specially restored for the anniversary project; photo artist Mel Theobald (USA), German artist Hans Mendler, who has held repeated shows with the gallery since 2010, and Alexey Lantsev (Russia). Sergey Filatov will also join in with his newly created sound sculpture “Ascending Stream” (2019).
“The Call of Ancient Armenia” is a new thematic project of the East Meets West Gallery, based on an expedition in 2013 by director Tatiana Paleeva and renowned travel photographer Sergey Shestakov, who visited ancient sights, museums and villages in Nagorny Karabakh.
“Between Heaven and Earth” presents a contrasting mosaic with elements of various aesthetic systems of the past and present, continuing the search for creativity, artistic integrity and imagery. And as always, the East Meets West Gallery continues its tradition of exhibiting directions not normally shown together, i.e., fine art, crafts and decorative arts, in a single setting.
The All-Russian Museum of Decorative Art (VMDPNI), Center for Fashion and Design.
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