East meets west gallery


Moscow House of Architect / 6.11.2018

The East Meets West Gallery, Moscow House of Architect and Michel Marang introduce the unique event entitled “Shifting Images” which is part of the Moscow Music Festival “Moscow Autumn 2018”.

“Shifting Images” is a music and visual program created by the Netherlandish  artist, musician, composer and photographer Michel Marang. The multimedia event will include Art photos, visual film, live music compositions for clarinet by Michel Marang.

The program as well comprises with live music compositions by well-known Russian composer Sergei Zhukov performed by Eleonora Teplukhina (piano) and Tatiana Ivashchenko (soprano).

During the event EAST MEET WEST GALLERY will present a preview to its forthcoming new ecological art-project “Vibrations of the Earth” due at the Design Centre Artplay in December 2018.