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Mission Impossible

“East Meets West Gallery” is pleased to announce the new art exhibition “Mission Impossible” from 29th March to 20th April, 2013 at the Design Centre ARTPLAY.


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Mission Impossible

How to connect the unconnected? Curator of “The East Meets West Gallery” Tanya Paleeva takes a complicated approach: connecting by dividing … or “two in one”. What does this mean?
Hall #1 contains works by permanent “East Meets West Gallery” artists: Suren Aivazyan, Hans Mendler, Alexander Oligerov and Anatoly Purlik, with each artist given their own distinct and personal space.
Suren Aivazyan will be presented in a linear open space with individual graphics pages from a travel journal of Karabakh (Armenia), Adygea, Thailand and Switzerland.
The works from the series “The River” by Hans Mendler are exhibited on a wall which is observed from both sides. The artist works in different styles and uses different techniques: oil, acrylics, Chinese ink, even his fingers and collages. The prime idea in his abstract works lies in its dynamics, movement, flow. Colours seem thoughtlessly thrown on the canvas, but at the same time, there is a sense of sophistication and balance of composition.
Anatoly Purlik with his pieces of 2009-2012 occupies a separate place too. They are of various genres and made at different times and in different countries of the world. But nevertheless, they are perfectly recognizable and can be united even out of the common overall theme, since “…the color spots with its complex symbolic meaning create a dense surface cover, strong composition, which could exist as abstract work, regardless of the objective world” (S.Tarkhanova. “Five good rules by Anatoly Purlik”).
Alexander Oligerov plunges us into the world of colored dreams. Only artists are able to create a parallel world and to walk between the two worlds: the reality and the world of an artist’s images, created out of nowhere, but look to a spectator very much real.
Hall #2 is dedicated to a project by artist Liliana Spiktorenko which consists of 12 works. Each of her canvases contains a portrait of a famous figure from the early Renaissance period, depicted against the contemporary landscapes of a city full of steel, glass and concrete. Sometimes the landscapes are well recognized, as is the case with the portraits of the Duke da Montefeltro (urban landscape of Manhattan) and his wife Battista Sforza (view from the Thames to London City), a portrait of Simonetta Vespucci (Sydney, view of the Opera House) or as in portrait of a girl from a family of Talbot by Petrus Christus (against the Brooklyn Bridge in New York). In other cases a landscape seems more illusory and universal and may resemble the sites of Hong Kong or Shanghai…”.
To this project the curator has added another four abstract works by Sergey Filatov from his series “Dreams of a Lonely Traveller”, which perfectly fit the modern scenery. It seems that we all become lonely travellers through the stone jungle of contemporary world, aren’t we?
We are pleased to invite you to the exhibition “Mission Impossible” at the ARTPLAY Design Center from March 29 to April 20, 2013.
The center is open from 12:00 to 22:00, and admission is free.
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