East meets west gallery


Polytechnical Museum / 19.05.2012

East Meets West Gallery, which carries out “The Power of Water” International environmental art project at the Polytechnic Museum hosted on May 19, 2012, Saturday a special event at “The Night of the Museum” dedicated to the closure of the art-project.

The program of the evening event consisted of: a slide film made of the photos taken at the opening party of “The Power of Water” art-project, a master class for parents, and their children “Easy as Art, seriously as Game,” which was given to them by Alexey Lantsev, one of the participant artists of the art-project, and a concert.
A brief description of the master class: fresh start, learning, communication problems, abstract painting and figurative painting, searching for their differences, the negation of the literature, its relation to the music, a creative crisis, confidence, touching shyness, justifiable aggression, concept of profession, importance of self-realization, the final victory or a spectacular failure.
About abstract artists, unknown facts of their biographies, joint creation of an infinite 25 meters painting under the title “It is also easy as Art, and seriously as Game”.
Collection of materials, cleaning of clothes and hands, handing out compliments.

There was a small concert given at the end of the program by the Japanese composer, musician and artist Naomi Maki, and the Russian psychologists who are engaged in treatment by voice Oleg Rossiysky and Irina Kazachenko.
They provided free vocal improvisation: an experimental, intuitive song, during which the performers listen to each other, gradually tuning to each other. Voices blended into one another in harmonious melody which has not been set in advance. It was created intuitively, at the spot, and has been changed during the performance. Such a natural, intuitive music affects the deeps of the human mind and frees it.