East meets west gallery


VMDPNI / 16.05 – 16.06.2019

On June 2, 2019 The East Meets West Gallery will present an exhibition “Between Heaven and Earth” at The All-Russian Decorative Art Museum.

Part I includes updated versions of two earlier projects: “Tibet: Infinity of Silence” (2012, Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow), an ethnic art exhibit focused on the interaction between Eastern and Western cultures, and the international environmental project “Power of Water” (2012, Polytechnic Museum, Moscow). In addition, we will present a new artistic and ethnographic theme, “The Call of Ancient Armenia” dedicated to the ancestral land of curator Tatyana Paleeva (Chilingaryan).
The participating artists for “Tibet: Infinity of Silence” are: Mikhail Molochnikov, Alena Telpukhovskaya, Sergey Filatov and travel photographer Sergey Shestakov.