East meets west gallery

Alexey Dyakov

Sculpture, drawing, photography


Alexey Dyakov was born in Moscow September 30, 1976.
1995 – graduated from the Sculpture Department of the Moscow College of Applied Arts.
2002 – graduated from the Moscow State Art – Industrial Stroganov Academy.
2008 – competed education at the School of Contemporary Art «Free Workshops» at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art.
2002 – joined the Creative Union of Russian Artists, the International Federation of Artists and Moscow Artists’ Union.
Nominee of (Gold degree) Public Prize for intellectual achievement in Contemporary Art.
Main activities: Static and kinetic Sculpture, Installation, Art – objects, Media Art, Graphic Art, Photography.
Alexey’s works are in private collections in Russia and the United States.
He is currently a graduate student at the Moscow Art and Industry Academy Stroganov. Lives and works in Moscow. Curator and coordinator for Art projects.

Solo exhibitions

2008 – «Vertical Overcome». Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
2009 – «Measurements of Eternity». Art-cafe «BUBBLES», Moscow
2012 – «+1. Archetypes» as part of «The Pictures» at Almanach «Pinacotheca». Publishing House of «Pinacotheca », Moscow
«PSI-dentification» Agency Art.ru, Moscow
2013 – «Factor mismatch» as part of «Almost theatre» for «Night at the Museum» Sekach Gallery, Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk

Group exhibitions

2009 – «Sleeping area» as part of the III Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Krasnodonskaya Street, Moscow
2010 – «ALLA GLORIA MILITAR». Aircraft Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia.
«Darwin’s Origin as it seen by Contemporary Artists». The State Darwin Museum, Moscow
«Recreation Zone for the Arts». Tretyakov State Gallery, Moscow
«Sleeping area: Stop «The School» Art Moscow. Lyubertsy Region, school № 45, Moscow
«The Road to Christmas». Slovakia Cultural Center, State Historical Museum, Moscow
2011 – Presentation of the First International Biennale of Contemporary Art Antarctic, the 54th Venice Biennale. Ca’ Foscari University of Venice, Italy.
2012 – «The Triumph of Caissa. Homage to Marcel Duchamp». The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
«Rejected by reality» – as part of III Moscow International Biennale for Young Artists. Design center ARTPLAY, Moscow
«Second Nature» – as part of III Moscow International Biennale for Young Artists. Moscow State Art – Industrial Stroganov Academy, Moscow
«Petersburg / New Names» as part of Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art. Rizzordi Art Foundation, Saint Petersburg
«Kryakk visits Arrows» as part of «Museum Night» «Simulyakr». Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk
«Between Heaven and Earth». Rizzordi Art Foundation, Saint Petersburg
2013 – «Looking into a Stranger’s Window» in the XV Festival of architecture, design and interior «Under the Roof of the House…». House at The Brestskaya Street, Moscow
«Aesthetic energy». Agency Art.ru, Moscow
«Black Earth». Group «Utrish». Agency Art.ru, Moscow
«BookArtBotanika» – as part of 5th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. The State Darwin Museum, Moscow
«Lars von Trier: Mystery», the Festival «Art Anfas in Danish Style». The Museum of Urban Sculpture, Saint Petersburg
«Love of Space» – as part of X Krasnoyarsk Museum Biennale of Contemporary Art Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Krasnoyarsk
«Gifts». Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow
2014 – «Space LUCIDA» as part of International Festival of Contemporary Art TodaysArt. National Centre for Contemporary Arts, «Gallery Belyaevo», «Peresvetov pereulok» Exhibition Hall, Moscow
«Pattern: Horizontal&Vertical». East Meets West Gallery, Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow
«Magnetic field – as part of the parallel program of the European Bienniale of Contemporary Art Manifesta-10. Rizzordi Art Foundation, St. Petersburg
«ZOO». Krokin Gallery, Zoological museum of Moscow University, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow
Public art project of contemporary art. Skolkovo Innovation Center, Moscow
«Medianovation. Experience №1/2014». Moscow «Crystal» Plant, Moscow
«Forgotten War. Comments». Centre for Contemporary Art «Winzavod», Moscow
2015 – «V/MESTE» – as part of the XVI International Festival of Architecture and Design «Under the Roof of…». Dom na Brestskoy, Moscow
«Free atom», Krasnoyarsk Museum Center. Krasnoyarsk
«Victory as a new Epos». Russian Academy of Arts and Krokin Gallery, Moscow
«Project Light» – as part of International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH Moscow. Central House of Artists, Moscow
«Yellow Submarine». Central House of Artists, Moscow
«Augmented Reality». «A3 Gallery», Moscow
«PROSVET». Krokin Gallery, Moscow
«VIZANTIYA.RU» – scientific and educational creative forum. National Reserve «Chersonese» Sevastopol, Crimea

Сurator of the exhibitions

2010 – «Stroganovka: Expanding the boundaries…» at the II Moscow International Biennale of Young Art «Stop! Who goes there?». Moscow State Art – Industrial Stroganov Academy, Moscow
2012 – «Total irony» for «Night at the Museum». Gallery «Belyaevo», Moscow