East meets west gallery

Clara Golitsyna

Painting, drawing


Clara was born on 5 December 1925 in Moscow.
1949 – Graduated from the Moscow Polygraphic Institute (Art and Editorial Department).
1976 – Member of Professional-creative Union of artists and schedules of the International Federation of artists UNESCO
1986 – Member of the group of Moscow artists “Koleso”
1994 – Member of the International Art Fund
1995 – Member of the Creative Association of Moscow women-artists
2002 – Member of Moscow Union of Artists

Clara Golitsyna’s works are in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery, The State Russian Museum, Moscow Museum of Modern Art and others.

Selected exhibitions

1968 — “Youth”, Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow House of Artists, Moscow
1976—1990— autumn, spring and thematic group exhibitions, “Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28” gallery, Moscow
1978 — “Autumn” Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow House of artists, Moscow
1988 — “Seven Artists of the Koleso”, the Association “Koleso”, House of Medics, Moscow
1989 — “Self-portrait”, Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow House of artists, Moscow 1989—1990 — a traveling exhibition of the Association “Fund Art” and the US Chamber of Commerce
1990 — Solo exhibition, gallery “Belyaevo”, Moscow
1991 — “Exhibition Halls’ 15th Anniversary”, “Malaya Gruzinskaya, 28” gallery, Moscow
1992 — “Nobiliary Assembly”, gallery “Compromise”, the Central House of Writers, Moscow
1993 — “Retro 70”, gallery “Compromise”, the Central House of Writers, Moscow
1994 — “Spring Salon-94”, Объединение “IRIDA”, Cultural Center RIA-news, Moscow
1995 — Solo exhibition “Double Games”, Central House of Artists, Moscow
1996 — “Spring Salon-96”, Academy of Arts, Moscow
1997 — Moscow ART-Salon, Manege, Moscow
1998 — Solo exhibition “Woman’s portrait”, gallery “Belyaevo”, Moscow
1999 — “Double games 99”, Yaroslavl Art Museum
2000 — “Logical Construction”, gallery “А3”, Moscow
2001-2002 — “Abstract Art in Russia, XX century”, Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg
2002 — “Still Life”, Manege, Moscow
2003 — “Figurative like Abstract Art”, gallery “Sam brook”, Moscow
2004 — “Links”, gallery “А3”, Moscow
2005 — “Translationsee scores of Clara Golitsyna”, gallery “Na Solyanke”, Moscow
2006 — «Clara Golitsyna», галерея «Солана», Лондон, Великобритания
2007 — Solo exhibition, Central House of Artists, Moscow; “The Second Wave of Russian Avant-garde”, gallery “Konoser”, Seoul, South Korea
2008 — “Clara Golitsyna — Plastic Scores”, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow
2009 — “Conversation with the Russian Avant-garde”, Dresden, Germany
2010 — “Clara Golitsyna — Plastic Scores and more”, gallery “Belyaevo”, Moscow
2015 — “Farsh 2015”, abandoned locomotive depot of Kurskiy station, Moscow
2016 — “The world is ours. The technique of accumulation of time delays” Stroganov chambers, Usolye; “Red and black”, gallery “Na Kashirke”, Moscow
2017 — “Bulldozer Exhibition”, gallery “А3”, Moscow; “Clara Golitsyna. Selected works”, gallery “Avilov Studio”, Lipetsk; “Woman of my Imagination” from the series “Nude, Nudo, Nu, Desnudo IV”. East Meets West Gallery. Design Center ARTPLAY, Moscow