East meets west gallery

Vladimir Peldyakov

Sculpture, objects


Peldyakov Vladimir was born in 1970 in Ulyanovsk.
1990 – graduated from the Sculpture Department of Art and Crafts Industrial Technical School named after M.I. Kalinin.
1992–2000 – lived in Western Siberia, worked as a teacher in the Art Department of the School of Arts.
2000 – moved to Moscow. Works at the Rodchenko Art School, Moscow.
He works in small sculptural forms, photography and video.

Selected exhibitions

1992 –“Statue and drawings by Moscow sculptors”. Moscow House of Sculpture, Moscow.
1996 – “Art exhibition by Tyumen artists”. Tyumen.
1997 – “Art exhibition by Yugra artists”. Khanty-Mansiysk.
2002 – “Graduate Students’ Exhibition at Rodchenko Art School”. Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow.
2004 – “Silver Camera” – a photo competition, Moscow.
2005 – “Don’t be afraid”, as a part of the parallel program of the 1st Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Gallery “TXT”, Moscow.
2011 – “Air battle for Moscow.” Museum of the Great Patriotic War, Moscow.
2013 – “Vastness”. Center for Creative industries “Fabrika”, Moscow.
“Nu Seasons”. “International Arts Fund”, Moscow.
“New Art Nu”. Central House of Artists, Moscow.
2014 – Art exhibition by the Rodchenko Art School “Heavens” at Manege, Moscow.
“Crossing points”. “Open Club” Gallery, Moscow.
2015 – “East-West”. “Na Kashirke” State Exhibition Hall, Moscow.
“Field – Transition to Abstraction”. “Open Club” Gallery, Moscow.
“The Endless Road to… Part I”, “East Meets West Gallery”, The All-Russian Museum of Decorative, Applied and Folk Arts, Moscow
“The Endless Road to… Part II”, “East Meets West Gallery”, Design Center Artplay, Moscow
2016 – “Power fields”, Kuznetsky Most, 20, Moscow. «Red and Black», Central House of Artists, Moscow. «Nature morte». “Open Club” Gallery, Moscow; “Nude, Nudo, Nu, Desnudo 2”. East Meets West Gallery. Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow
2017 — “Winter”. Exhibition hall “Kuznetsky most 20”, Moscow; “Distraction from reality.” Gallery “Futura”, Nizhny Novgorod; “Antibienale”. Central House of Artists, Moscow
2018 – “Because Music.” Gallery “Na Kashirke” Exhibition Hall, Moscow; “Brutal Tenderness”. Central House of Artists, Moscow; “Variations on a Jazz Theme” from the series “Music Is Everywhere”. East Meets West Gallery. Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow; «Vibrations of the Earth», East Meets West Gallery, Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow