East meets west gallery

Suren Aivazyan

Painting, drawing


Suren Ayvazian was born in Moscow in 1958.
1983 – Moscow State Pedagogical University (previously known as the Moscow State V.I. Lenin Pedagogical Institute), the Graphic Art Faculty
1985 – worked in Art Restoration Studios in Veliky Novgorod
1986 – 1989 – in Gorny Altai as a forester
Since 1999 he has taken part in the “Art Manege” Moscow Art Fair every year
2003 – presented for the first time his project “The Secret Society of Total Greening” – a society that has united artists, designers, collectors and art lovers in a passion for landscaping and greening around the world.

His works have been exhibited in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, India, Nepal, the USA and Armenia where they are very popular among private collectors.

Solo exhibitions

1995 – “Journey by the green river”. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
1996 – “Winter garden” (B/W collection). Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
1997 – “In Memory of Moscow trees” by “Belyaevo” Gallery, “Izmailovo” Gallery and “Phoenix” Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
1998 – “The Garden”, show with Valya Kuznetsova. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
“Wizard Hat” at the International Art Festival “Master Class”. St. Petersburg, Russia. Diploma by Academy of Fine Arts for the valuable contribution to the development of national art.
1999 – Solo show at the Sotheby’s auctions in Chicago (The USA) and in Tel Aviv (Israel).
“A Human being grows up naturally like the Grass”. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.
1999, 2001 – Solo shows at “Martin Gallery”, Sissach, Switzerland.
2008 – “Indian Ocean”. “Phoenix” Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
“Journey to Nepal”. Russian Cultural Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal.
2009 – “Journey to Armenia”. Shusha, Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.
“Ararat”. Yerevan, Armenia.
2010 – Solo show at “Martin Gallery”, Sissach, Switzerland.
2012 – “Around the Himalayas”. Kaliningrad Regional Museum of History and Art.
2018 – “Wonderful garden”, gallery “Grosart”, the Theatre “School of Dramatic Art”, Moscow

Group exhibitions

2010 – Participant at the First International Ecological Art Project “Organika” by “The East Meets West Gallery”. “Na Solyanke” Gallery, Moscow, Russia; “Artesania and Art&Deco”. Moscow State Exhibition Hall “New Manege”, Moscow
2011 – “Secrets of Black and White” by “The East Meets West Gallery” at the Annual Graphic Arts Fair “HudGraf”. Moscow State Exhibition Hall “New Manege”, Russia
2013 – “Tibet. Infinity of Silence”. “East Meets West Gallery” at the Design Centre “ARTPLAY”, Moscow, Russia; “Flowers Of The Earth”, “Belyaevo” gallery, Moscow; “About Red”, “Akademicheskaya” gallery, Moscow
2014 – “Flowers and Herbs”, “IZO” gallery, Moscow
2017 – “The Secret Society of Total Greening”, The Museum Of Modern Art “Erarta”, Saint Peterburg; “A Woman of my Imagination” from the series “Nude, Nudo, Nu, Desnudo IV”. East Meets West Gallery. Design Center ARTPLAY, Moscow
2018 – «Vibrations of the Earth», East Meets West Gallery, Central House of architect, Moscow;
«Vibrations of the Earth», East Meets West Gallery, Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow
2019 – “Between Heaven and Earth”, art project East Meets West Gallery, VMDPNI, Moscow