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Valery Babin

Painting, drawing


Valery Babin was born in the Urals in 1945.
1955 – Came to the art studio of a splendid teacher, Vladimir Alexandrovich Raskovalov.
1962 – Entered the Department of Painting of the Sverdlovsk Art School.
1964 – Got acquainted with artists Yevgeny Rastorguev. Trip to the North of Russia.
1967 – Graduated from the Department of Painting of the Sverdlovsk Art School.
1967 – Left for Vorkuta, where he worked in the Vorkuta Art Fund under the USSR Union of Artists.
1969-1974 – Studied at Moscow Polygraphic Institute. Teachers: A.D.Goncharov, M.T.Khazanov, J.K.Burdzhelyan.

Valery Babin’s works are held in The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; The State Russian Museum, Ekaterinburg Museum of Fine Arts; Sverdlovsk Local History Museum, The Ural Mineralogical Museum of V. A. Pelepenko; Novokuznetsk Art Museum, Khimki Art gallery,
Vologda Regional Art gallery; Yaroslavl Art Museum, Art and Literary Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”; Samara State Museum of fine arts; Bashkiria Museum of fine arts named after M. Nesterov, in the collection of “Kovcheg” Gallery, “Nashe Nasledie” magazine.

Selected exhibitions

1967 – Babin’s works presented at the “50th Anniversary of The Octover Revolution” Vorkuta art exhibition.
1975 – Member of the Youth Association of the Moscow Union of Artists.
1979 – Member of the Union of Artists.
1989 – Exhibition in the “House of Artist”, Ekaterinburg. With Victor Razgulin.
1989 – “From Moscow Artists to the Children”, Tokyo, Japan.
1990 – Exhibition of 19 Moscow artists. Exhibition Hall on Kuznetsky Most, 11. Moscow.
1991 – Exhibition at “Art Modern” gallery. Istanbul. Turkey.
1992 – Exhibition of the Babin family. Gallery in Ostozhenka Street, Moscow.
1994 – Exhibition of prints. Seoul, South Korea.
1995 – Valery Babin’s autumn exhibition. “Kovcheg” Gallery, Moscow.
1996 – Exhibition in gallery “Russkaya Kollektsiya” magazine, Moscow. With Sergei Medvedev.
1997 – Solo exhibition. Moscow State Conservatory.
1999 – Solo exhibition. State Institute of Art.
2001 – “Valeriy Babin’s Drawings”, solo exhibition. I.Nivinsky’s Studio, Moscow.
2002 – “Valeriy Babin’s Paintings”, solo exhibition. Editorial office of the “Nashe Nasledie” magazine.
2004 – Solo exhibition at the European Union embassy, Moscow.
2005 – Solo exhibition. Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists. Kuznetsky Most, 20, Moscow.
2006 – “The Babin’s artists’ home” exhibition. State Historical, Art and Literary Museum-Reserve “Abramtsevo”.
2006 – Solo exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of Kostroma
2007 – Solo exhibition. “Krysha” gallery. Moscow.
2009 – “Apple Spas”, solo exhibition. Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists. Kuznetsky Most, 20. Moscow.
2010 – “The Road Home”, solo exhibition. Moscow Mayor’s Office.
2010 – “Winter Garden” exhibition. Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists, Kuznetsky Most, 11. Moscow.
2012 – “The Road to Yourself” exhibition. The Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow.
2013 – “The Sound of Silence” solo exhibition. “Expo 88” gallery, Moscow.
2014 – “Through the Time. Walking around Vanishing Landscape”.The Central House of Artist, Moscow.
2015 – “Exhibition of 19 artists”. Exibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists. Kuznetsky Most, 11. Moscow.
2017 – “Merciless Exposure” from the series “Nude, Nudo, Nu, Desnudo”. East Meets West Gallery. Design Centre ARTPLAY, Moscow.