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Vladimir Kolesnikov



Vladimir Kolesnikov was born on November 17, 1954 in Moscow.
1967-1973 – Moscow Art School, Department of Sculpture at the Institute. Surikov (MSHS).
1975-1980 – Moscow Technological Institute, Department of Sculpture.
1982-1992 – the Moscow sculptural society.
1993 – member of the Moscow Union of Artists.
1995 – till today – Head of professional creative artists association “Four wheels”.
2003-2007 – Architectural and Art school “Archimedes”. Head of Sculptural department, Mytischi.
2009 – private Art school for children.
2010 – Medal of “Count Shuvalov” in honor to contribute his achievements in Russian monumental Art.
2011 – Medal of the Ministry of Defense and Paratroopers’Fund “For useful”.
2012 – member of the Russian Academy of Arts.
2012 – Government of Moscow “Medal for valorous work”.
2012 – Award “Duty Honor Glory” International Foundation “Commander”.
2013 – Cross “In commemoration of World War II in 1812” in honor of the 200th anniversary of the victory in the Patriotic War of 1812. Public award of the State Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation.
Lives and works in Moscow.

Solo exhibitions

1979 – The first solo exhibition. MGIMO, Moscow.
1987 – Solo exhibition. Exhibition Hall “Ramenky Gallery ll”, Moscow.
1993 – Solo exhibition. Moscow Sculptor’s House, 1-st Spasonalivkovsky lane, 4, Moscow.
2005 – Solo exhibition “Vladimir Kolesnikov”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow. 2011 – Solo exhibition. The Kremlin Riding School, Moscow.

Group exhibitions

1970 – “30 years of Moscow Art School”, Department of Sculpture at the Institute. Surikov (MSHS), Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow.
1978-1982 – Young artists show at the exhibition hall of the Moscow Union of Artists, Kuznetskiy Most, 11.
1995-1998 – Sculpture exhibitions. Central House of Artists, Moscow.
1998-2011 – the Annual Art Fair “Art Manege”. Manege, Moscow.
2008-2011 – the Annual Art Fair “HudGraf”. New Manege, Moscow.
2000 – Scupture’s show at the Gallery “Art Atualete”, Paris.
2003 – Scupture’s show at the Gallery “Art Atualete”, Paris.
2007 – “75 years of the Moscow Union of Artists” Manege, Moscow.
2011 – exhibiting of 4 statues and sculptures at The International Military Music Festival “Spasskaya Tower”. Red Square, Moscow.
2012 – “80 of the Moscow Union of Artists”, Central House of Artists, Moscow.

Monumental works

Bust of the writer Stanyukovich, 1982, the Museum of the Defence of Sevastopol, Sevastopol
A series of Reliefs “Sabantuy”, 1982, Kazan
Monument to the perished soldiers of World War II, 1985, Ulyanovsk
High Relief “The History of communications’ development” at the building of the Ministry of Communications, 1986, Volgograd
Reliefs “Vologda Region” at the building of MPS, 1988, Vologda
Memorial plaque dedicated to Yriy Vizbor, 2005 Tcheget, Kabardino-Balkaria Region
Statue of Marshal Konev, Marshal of the Siviet Union, 2009, Moscow
Statue of General Margelov, Commander in Chief of The Russian Airborne, 2011, Vyazma
Statue of Lieutenant-General Kutaisov, the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812, Moscow