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Labyrinth 2020

Nico Gallery/ 29.09 -13.10.2020

EAST MEETS WEST GALLERY invites you to a special event and exhibition “Labyrinth 2020”

The exhibition runs in the Niko Gallery on the 4th floor from 29/09/2020 to 13/10/2020.

This is a new musical-multimedia and art project with the exhibition of curator T. Paleeva. The project was prepared in collaboration with composer Sergey Zhukov and ATTS STUDIO video art artists Alena Telpukhovskaya and Tatyana Grudko and supported by Niko Gallery. The evening is hosted by a musicologist, Doctor of Arts and leading expert of the Association of Contemporary Music Rauf Farhadov.

Participating in the exhibition: Diana Vouba, Alexander Yulikov, Alexander Pankin, Tatyana Faydysh and Natalya Zarovnaya.

The musical line of the project … directly appeals to the idea of ​​a maze with the search for a way out, wandering, dead ends, turns, returning to the beginning, breaking new paths. And in each of the three plays – The Labyrinth, Sergey Zhukov, The Labyrinth, Donna Eastman and The Labyrinth, these labyrinthine collisions of sensation are literally firsthand. Question and riddle: the labyrinth – the meaninglessness of the search or, after all, the movement and gaining of light and freedom? All these musical “effectiveness”, as well as the sound of interdependence between other musical opuses creates the effect of “hidden semantics”, “second plot” and the special geometry of musical sounds. R. Farkhadov


The name of the project at first corresponded only with the cycle of musical plays by Sergey Zhukov, Donna Eastman and Yo Spork, where formally the notes were inscribed in the figure of the maze. “Labyrinth”, Moscow, Moscow Palace of Youth.


The main idea of ​​the new project is based on the thoughts of A. Music, music, prose, poetry and their close relationship with philosophy, religion, social life and even politics. From an article by A. Blok about acmeists “Without a deity, without inspiration”, 1921

Vitaly Patsyukov, in an article on exhibitions in 1988 (Hamburg), “Exiting the Maze”, is a special monument of various art groups and associations of the 80s of the 20th century, in which “under the guise of“ pure painting ”hides a traditional synthesis of art …

These features of the Russian national tradition are presented in the Labyrinth 2020 project by combining visual arts and new classical music of the 20th and 21st centuries. They represent a whole layer of philosophical and metaphysical problems hidden behind simple forms of “geometric” abstraction. Participants of the Labyrinth of 1988. They considered themselves heirs to the Russian avant-garde and K. Malevich.

Tatyana Faydysh belongs to the later generation of the 80s, which is sometimes called the “dumb generation”. She took part in the Labyrinth exhibition (1988) and in one of the exhibitions and auctions in Hamburg.

Schedule Natalya Zarovnaya has been engaged in traditional etching for many years, using the technique of mixed etching, collage, working with different types of paper.


Diana Vouba works in a “geometric” abstraction, believing that she “… encourages to seek a new – eternal beauty in the ordering of geometric forms, contrary to the accepted belief that the truth of art lies beyond symmetry.” (2010-2011)

EAST MEETS WEST GALLERY invites you to a special event and exhibition “Labyrinth 2020”

The exhibition runs in the Niko Gallery on the 4th floor from 29/09/2020 to 13/10/2020.

Daily from 14.00 to 19.00 (by agreement). Free admission.

Nico Gallery

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